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Parts & Controls

Yorkaire offers a full line of combustion and control including...
  • Spare parts for all burner manufacturers, including, Eclipse, Maxon, North American and Hauck
  • Gas valves, regulators, pressure switches, flame rods, scanners, ignition transformers and more
  • Flame controls, temperature controllers, thermocouples, RTD’s

For assistance with your parts requirements contact us.

Controls The Yorkaire Group has the capability to design and build all types of custom control panels. From simple relay or flame safeguard panels to PLC based systems with operator interfaces, The Yorkaire Group has the solution to meet your toughest requirements.

For assistance with your control requirements contact us.

  • Temperature control calibration
  • Control loop tuning
  • Control system upgrades
  • Control panels

Service Division

Can we help you eliminate the problems which cause down time, product defects or affect the health of your workers? Read More...

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