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Service Division

The Yorkaire Service Division offers a variety of services designed to help our customers deal with issues that cost them money, time and frustration.

The Yorkaire Group maintains a qualified industrial service division. Our industrial combustion equipment service includes:

  • Servicing industrial ovens, kilns, dryers, furnaces and washers
  • All types of burners, fuels and all burner manufacturers
  • Combustion system safety checks and gas valve leak testing per
  • Burner retrofits, temperature controllers, flame safety systems

We provide "on call" service, preventative maintenance service and NFPA gas train safety checks for new and existing burner installations. Our service technicians perform set-up and calibration of controllers, traceable to NIST, of controls like Honeywell, Partlow and most other brands.

In addition to burners and combustion systems, we service all types of dust and fume collection systems, perform air flow studies and provide routine industrial maintenance services.

Can we help you eliminate the problems which cause down time, product defects or affect the health of your workers?

For an evaluation of your system or to schedule preventative maintenance service contact us.



  • Industrial burner “on-call” service
  • NFPA gas valve inspections
  • NFPA safety inspections
  • Burner adjustment & tuning
  • Preventative maintenance contracts

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Collector & duct cleaning
  • Airflow studies
  • Bag & cartridge change-out

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