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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Look to The Yorkaire Group for fabricated sheet metal components. We have the capability to manufacture sheet metal parts to your specifications or our team of designers can produce a solution to meet your needs.

Contact The Yorkaire Group for more information or if you would like the sales department to furnish a proposal for your current requirements.

Stainless Steel Sink


The Yorkaire Group's in-house capabilities include shearing, rolling, bending, notching and welding of sheet metals.

Our shop can fabricate using carbon steel, galvanized, aluminized and stainless steel metals up to 1/4" thick.


We have the capability of manufacturing many types of duct. From 28 gauge "commercial" duct to 10 gauge "industrial" duct, The Yorkaire Group furnishes their customers with the highest quality in rectangular and round duct at competitive prices.
Industrial Round Duct Ready to Ship

Stainless Steel Tank

Why choose Yorkaire?

  • Our fabricators are true "skilled craftsmen" who care about the work they produce.
  • State of the art machinery including computer plasma cutting.
  • Computer aided design of components.

Structural Steel Platforms

The Yorkaire Group can fabricate equipment, access and service platforms to your specifications.


The Yorkaire Group's welding capabilities include carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Welding methods include MIG, TIG, Gas and Arc.


The Yorkaire Group offers comprehensive installation services in the central Pennsylvania area.

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